Botanical Conservatories Compendium

For centuries, considerable effort and expense have gone into creating botanical conservatories worldwide. These sanctuaries can create a variety of conditions, making it possible to grow plants from virtually anywhere on Earth.

This compendium is meant as a guide for conservatory management. It is compiled from interviews, surveys and meetings with conservatory staff. It is not meant as a substitute for further research, but rather as a tool created from the experience of others. It is a consensus of successful ideas and practices. Contributions and updates are necessary if this goal is to be realzed.

SOILS - a collection of soil mixes and experiences in growing many different plants in widely varied climates and coinditions.

FERTILITY - a key to the health and vitality of all conservatory collections, but it is dependent on soil type and water variables to be effective.

WATER QUALITY - a discussion of water quality, including pH and soluable solids, and various reactions regarding plant nutrition, structure, and equipment.

(1) Compendium by Don Pylant. All rights reserved. Surveys produced by Carla Pastore, Executive Director, American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta. The following section on Soils, Fertility & Water Quality is from the first chapter of the Botanical Conservatories Compendium, Number 1.

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