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BUILD A TERRARIUM - Step by step instruction on how to make your own terrarium with a clear container such as a pickle jar and cutting from common houseplants. This can be used for a single terrarium project or a whole classroom.

PLANT-A-SEED - An easy way to watch a seed as it hydrates, then sends out a root and
a shoot, then produces leaves. This activity uses inexpensive and readily available materials.

COLORING PAGES - Have fun with the fantastic colors of tropical forest plants and
animals with these printable coloring pages.

MaJa's PUZZLES - Help students remember rainforest terms and names using these Connect the Dot, Crossword and Wordfind puzzles. Print them out and fill them in!

WEIRD PLANTS - See and learn about some of the stranges plants in nature from these rainforest residents. MaJa has collected some favorites.


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