Landscape Plants to Avoid

Landscaping with appropriate plants can save money and conserve our natural resources while providing a food source and habitat for wildlife. Below is a list of plants NOT recommended for use in the southwest part of Texas and other similar climates. See Water Saving "Mostly Native" Plants for a list of recommended landscape plants.

Bermuda Grass

(Cynodon dactylon)

KR Bluestem

(Bothriochloa ischaemum)


(Ligustrum spp.)


(Ligustrum chinensis)


(Nandina domestica) fruiting forms


(Pyracantha spp.)

Chinese Pistachio Tree

(Pistacia chinensis)

Chinaberry Tree

(Melia azedarach)

Chinese Tallow Tree

(Sapium sebiferum)

Giant Reed

(Arundo donax)

Tree of Heaven

(Ailanthus altissima)

Japanese Honeysuckle

(Lonicera japonica)

Purple Trailing Lantana

(Lantana montevidensis)

Indian Lantana

(Lantana camara)

Annual Rye Grass

(Lolium spp.)

Rescue Grass

(Bromus unioloides)

See Water-saving "Mostly Native" Plants recommended for landscapes for our area.

Legal Notice: This plant list is only a recommendation. It is lawful to sell, distribute, import or posses a plant on this list unless the Texas Department of Agriculture labels the plant as noxious or invasive on the Department's Plant List.

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