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MaJa's Rain Forest - Weird Plants!

Plant Zoo?

Bat Flower

This plant has a very unusual flower that looks like a big brown bat with whiskers! Weird plant!

DID YOU KNOW: Bats are responsible for pollinating lots of plants that bloom at night all over the world. I dunno, I guess its in their blood?

Lobster Claw

Well, this one is not hard to figure out. It has stalks full of brightly colored claw-shaped flowers. At least this one will not pinch you!

Florists use the leaves and the really cool flowers for floral arrangements all over the world. Some have pendant flowers like this one, and some are upright. They can have combinations of red, purple, green, white, orange, yellow or blue in the flowers.

This plant is in the same family as the one that makes bananas. Did you know that in some places in the United States you can grow banana plants outside? (Be sure to keep them separate from your real lobsters, because if the lobster gets close, the banana will split (sorry).

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