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MaJa's Rain Forest - Weird Plants!

MaJa found some really weird plants in the Rainforest!

The Meat Eaters!

Tropical Pitcher Plant

The tropical pitcher plant traps insects in the slippery throat of its pitchers (modified part at the tip of its leaf). The bugs are lured there by nectar producing, scented glands at the top. They slip down inside and can't crawl out. After a while, they break down in the juices in the pitcher and the plant absorbs them for dinner. Some species have pitchers almost 2 feet tall!



Here's another plant that eats bugs for dinner. Insects get caught in the sticky disks at the ends of the tentacle-like leaves. As they struggle to get free, the leaves curl up over the bugs and digests them. Its like living flypaper! After the insect is digested, the leaf uncurls leaving the undigestible remains of the insect.


It is called Sundew because the sticky droplets glisten in the Sunshine.



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