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MaJa's Rain Forest - Weird Plants!

Too Weird!

This weird thing is the LARGEST SEED ON EARTH!

This is a single seed of a palm tree called Coco De Mer or Double Coconut. It has a botanical name, Lodoicea maldivica, and although it is in the same family as coconut, it is not really a coconut.

This palm is an endangered species and grows naturally in only one place on Earth. Each seed can weigh 50 lbs and takes six years to ripen on the palm tree Don't take a nap under that tree!

Shingle Plant

Another easy one! This one grows up the sides of tree trunks, rocks, and even other leaves with its very flat overlapping leaves. Well, does it look like shingles? Well?

Did you know?
Vanilla comes from the seed pod of an Orchid!

The long bean-like seed pods are picked, cured and fermented. During fermentation, crystals of vanillin form on the outside of the pods and is then extracted using alcohol.

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